1950s-1960s weekend, 13th and 14th July 2019

by Jane Matthews | November 28, 2017 7:20 am


image: Badgreeb Records

Back again, come and celebrate the frugal 50s and swinging 60s. We’ll have music, displays, and a whole lot more to take you back to the era that gave birth to Britain’s boldest experiment in new town planning – Milton Keynes.



Confirmed Acts for next years 1950’s & 1960’s Weekend

Luna Nightingale –  singing your favourite songs from the 60’s  [2][3]






Gary Beckwith –  with a celebration of music from both the 50’s and 60’s









The Flyin Leathernecks –  with a programme of 50’s favourite tunes as well as rocking your weekend, there’ll be displays of clothing, homewares and vehicles from the era.












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Source URL: http://www.miltonkeynesmuseum.org.uk/50s-60s-weekend/