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This access statement does not contain personal opinions as to our suitability for those with access needs, but aims to accurately describe the facilities and services that we offer all our guests/visitors. It was prepared with the help of Milton Keynes Centre for Integrated Living. 



Milton Keynes Museum is an independent social history museum located in Wolverton, 5 miles to the north of Milton Keynes. This exciting museum in housed in a Grade II Listed former farm across five acres and tells the story of Milton Keynes before the building of the new city of Milton Keynes. It is situated at the top of a hill with a gentle approach from Wolverton.

a group from Lovat Fields Extracare village visit the Connected Earth galleryWe encourage visitors to touch exhibits and almost all of the museum’s galleries and facilities are at ground level and accessible in a wheelchair or with a pushchair. However, please be aware that in the historical areas of the site some of the doorways are narrow, and some floor surfaces uneven. There are room guides and other volunteers throughout and we are always happy to assist if you need help negotiating these areas. We have a number of standard wheelchairs available on site for those visitors whose motorised chairs are unable to access the main house area.

a family enjoying tea and cakes in the tea room

there is a ramp down into the tea room where seats can be moved to accommodate wheelchairs and walkers

You can also enjoy our tearoom and shop which are both located on the ground floor with step-free access.

We look forward to welcoming you. If you have any queries or require any assistance please phone 01908 316222 or email


For full details and maps of how to reach us please refer to the Visit Us section of the website. Alternatively you can plan your journey by car or public transport using a journey planning website; simply enter your postcode and ours, which is MK12 5EL, to get directions.

The nearest railway station is Wolverton which is 0.6 miles away or a 15 minute walk. Taxis are available at the station or you can contact an accessible taxi (Eezy Cabs) on 01908 218218 in advance.

The nearest bus stop is on Millers Way approximately 5 minutes walk up a gentle slope from the main entrance.

Car Parking and Arrival

There is free parking onsite with spaces for approximately 70 cars. Blue Badge parking is available to the right of the Reception Building for 4 cars.

The onsite car park is level and the surface is tarmac with rolled gravel. The car park is well-lit at night with lampposts.

There is overflow parking on the field immediately to the left once inside the main entrance. This is uneven and potentially unsuitable for wheelchair users.

Main Entrance, Reception and Ticketing Area

museum reception and shopThe main entrance and ticket area is situated at ground-level with step-free level access, throughout.

There are two manual double access doors 173cm wide.

There are some cushioned benches in this area.

The main floor surface is tiled.

The seating area is on carpet.

The area is evenly lit with both natural and overhead lighting.

There is a lowered section of the welcome/ticketing desk. This is 91cm high.

Wheelchair loan is available, free of charge on request.

Attraction (displays, exhibits, rides etc.)

There are room guides throughout the museum who can provide detailed information about the museum.

We encourage people to touch the objects on display.

There are chairs in most of the rooms which people may sit on.

panel describing the history of farming in this areaInterpretation boards, where appropriate, are in large text. These are on pull-up banners maximum height 205cm.

There is no Braille available but this is something that we are currently addressing with our development plans.

Public Toilets

Public toilets are located on the ground floor in the reception building, in the farmhouse just past the kitchen and in the Granary Tearoom.

There are wheelchair accessible toilets in the main reception and in the Granary Tearoom.

In the reception the door is 92cm wide.

Toilet height is 45cm.

The sink height is 75cm.

There is an emergency pull cord and reset button.

There is a vertical rail either side of the toilet.

There is a vertical rail to the right of the sink.

There is a horizontal rail each side of the toilet and to the right of the sink.

There is transfer space of 112cm to the right of the toilet when facing it.

The Tearoom toilet is 91 cm wide.

There are vertical and horizontal bars to the left of the toilet and sink.


The Tearoom is located on the ground floor although there are 2 steps leading from the entrance to the seating area. This can be accessed from a ramp.

The entrance doors are 81cm wide. The double doors to the courtyard at 118cms wide.

Tables in the tearoom are well spaced apart, with a clear height of 72cm.

view of the tearoomLighting in all areas is natural daylight with overhead lighting used.

The flooring of the Tearoom is varnished wood.

Where possible all our food produce is grown on site or locally sourced. We do our best to cater for any dietary requirements; please contact us in advance to check any specific requests you may have.

The Tearoom is a mix of self and table service but staff can assist on request.

All staff can assist by running through menus with you.

Crockery is white and the tablecloths are blue William Morris pattern.

The nearest public toilet with accessible WC is located in the entrance to the Granary Tearoom approximately 10 meters from the seating area.


There is a shop with a range of souvenirs and books etc. which can be accessed directly from the main entrance/ticketing area and when exiting the museum.

There are two sets of glass doors to the shop, both are 178cm. They are manual.

The shop is level throughout with tiled floor.

A low-level counter is provided.

There are tall display racks and low tables.

Staff can offer assistance if required.

Grounds and Gardens

The museum is located on a former farm and this is reflected in the grounds.

There is a tarmac path which leads from the main reception. It is 296cm wide. This is met with a brick path at the entrance to the Ha-ha. This path runs along the front of the house where it meets with a cobbled yard. It is 280cm wide.

yard view showing cobblesA brick path winds through the cobbles but on either side this is uneven. This is 82cm wide.

The path connects with a concrete yard before joining with an earthen courtyard in front of the Granary building. This has been covered with loose chippings. This is a fairly flat surface.

The path from the Granary courtyard to the Hall of Transport is tarmac with rolled gravel. It is 382cm wide.

Victorian gardenTo the side of the farmhouse is a brick path which leads to the small Victorian and WWII gardens. It is 112cm wide. The main brick and grave paths are suitable for wheelchairs. These pathways are 120cms wide.

There are wooden and metal benches around the grounds.

The double door leading to the gardens are 112cms wide.

The main front door is 90cms wide.

Additional Information

We welcome trained assistance dogs.

Future Plans

We work closely with the Milton Keynes Council for Integrated Living (MK CIL) to ensure that the site is accessible to all.

We are currently:

  • Updating the door opening between the farmhouse and the outbuildings to make turning easier for wheelchairs ( waiting for planning advice);
  • Planning for the installation of a hearing loop in the Reception building;
  • Adding to the flat pathway through the cobbled yard to facilitate access;
  • Reviewing other recommended changes that could reasonably be carried out before the changes to the whole Museum that are planned to begin in the Spring of 2016.

Contact Information

Address: Milton Keynes Museum, McConnell Drive,Wolverton, Milton Keynes MK12 5EL

Phone: 01908 316222



Grid reference: SP821404

Local carers’ support: Carers MK  01908 231703

Local equipment hire: Wheels Mobility 421 Saxon Gate Milton Keynes MK93DX 01908 550470

Local accessible taxiEEZY Cabs 01908 218218

Local public transport: The nearest station is Wolverton (London-Birmingham London Midland mainline). Wolverton station is 15 minutes walk or a few minutes taxi ride away.

From Milton Keynes Central, currently, the 23, 33 and 33a buses stop on Millers Way, a few moments from the Museum.

Download this as a PDF: Access StatementForMilton Keynes Museum