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Create a brass rubbing

Come to the Chapel where we’ve  provided paper and special metallic crayons. All you need do is choose your favourite crest, knight or his lady you want to adorn your walls,  get rubbing, and take home a unique souvenir of your visit.

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Come down on the farm

How does the food we eat get onto our plates? Step into the farming gallery and follow your food’s journey back to the fields of North Buckinghamshire where you can learn about the farmer’s life and marvel at some of the cumbersome contraptions used

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Try out our toys

From rocking horses and lead soldiers to a fully-working tin fairground, we’ve got toys for you!  You can have a game of skittles, operate the mechanical merry-go-round, play bagatelle – and don’t miss the display of practical jokes – which some of

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100 ways to phone home

Tigger, Superman, Darth Vader, and a host of other unusual phones from the 70 and 80s are waiting for you to call them so they show you their moves. After trying out some of our telephones the mobile in your

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Working blacksmith’s

The noise of bellows and the glow of red hot metal, ready to be worked. Our resident smithy will show you what went on in the forge, and the skills and muscle it needed to turn out everything from tools

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Go back to your roots

Long before the new city of Milton Keynes, industrialisation and growth, most of us lived off the land. Our huge farming gallery is the place to get up close and personal with what that meant for our ancestors: from the

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