Come To A Napoleonic Weekend on 4th – 5th August 2018

Come To A Napoleonic Weekend on 4th – 5th August 2018

Who Are We?        

We are the coalition Allies. Many nations across Europe were trying to free themselves from the constraints of the French Empire particularly in northern Europe, Swedish, Polish, Austrian, Czech, Prussian, Dutch, Belgian, Russian and many more.

The artillery is Russian. We are a group of experience re-enactors who specialise in the Russian Artillery between 1812 & 1815. We have taken part in battle re-enactments and commemoration events across Europe at many of the original battlefield sites.

The Infantry is Prussian. Also having taken part in European commemorative events of the battles 200 years ago. The 16th Brigade portray the Silesian Landwehr, who were famous for their part in the Battles of Nations at Leipzig – where 27 different nations were fighting.

This Weekend we will concentrate on how the Coalition made the battle at Waterloo a success for Wellington.

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