History Festival at Campbell Park, 15-16 June 2019

by Sammy Jones | January 9, 2019 8:15 pm

Milton Keynes steps back in time with a huge weekend celebrating 2000 years of history


Fun for all ages

 One of the flagship events to celebrate MK50 in 2017 made history itself – by delivering Milton Keynes’ biggest ever historical re-enactment!

Now, two years on, Campbell Park will again be transformed from its usual tranquil green space into a place lively with clashes, battles, and even maybe even Royalty.

A huge and colourful programme will bring all the sights and sounds, and some of the smells from times past, into the present.

The Festival of History is being organised by the Heritage MK Partners – Milton Keynes Museum, Bletchley Park, City Discovery Centre, Cowper and Newton Museum and the Living Archive – in partnership with The Parks Trust.

The full programme will be posted here closer to the event, but you can get ready for a brilliantly accessible, colourful, creative weekend. [2]

In fact, it will be so good that money can’t buy it – admission will be FREE.

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