History Festival, 11th-12th May 2019

 Tussles and trouble are on the agenda at MK Museum’s history festival

The Vikings are among the armies arriving at the museum – and with them a whole heap of turmoil from other turbulent times in the nation’s past.

Invasion, civil war and the war of Spanish Succession all feature in almost two thousand years of living history at the Museum’s History Festival.

Taking place in May, the festival is a chance to see and join in with people living, working, fighting and playing during key periods in this area’s history.

Attractions for 2019 are likely to include:

> The Vicus Roman Settlement in peace and war against Britain’s native iron-age tribes

> Roman traders demonstrating early wax tablets and selling everything from jewellery to potions

> The Vikings are coming! You can join them in battle

> Chanz Des Reis, a 12th century historical re-enactment group covering civilian, military and religious life in the Middle Ages

> Have a go at archery as practised in Medieval times

> The Oxford Household and The English Free Company,  re-enactors from the bloody Wars of the Roses

> Rose and Thistle Civil War re-enactment group, recreating a dark period that divided communities and even families 

> Watch British Redcoats, the Queen’s Regiment 1714,  in their colourful manoeuvres

> Company K, telling Great Russian War stories

> Grunal Moneta the coin maker at work.

MK Museum’s History Festival runs from 11am-4.30pm on both days, with all the usual Museum attractions also on offer to make a very full day out.

Said Director Bill Griffiths: “The Festival is a fantastic event for all ages but now we can also say it is a taster of what is to come when our expansion is complete.

“This area has played a significant role throughout many eras of history and we are looking forward to telling those stories in really exciting ways.”

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