History Festival, 11th-12th May 2019

by Jane Matthews | January 9, 2019 8:30 pm

 Tussles and trouble are on the agenda at MK Museum’s history festival

The Vikings are among the armies arriving at the museum – and with them a whole heap of turmoil from other turbulent times in the nation’s past.

[1]Invasion, civil war and the war of Spanish Succession all feature in almost two thousand years of living history at the Museum’s History Festival.

Taking place in May, the festival is a chance to see and join in with people living, working, fighting and playing during key periods in this area’s history.

Attractions for 2019 are likely to include:

> The Vicus Roman Settlement in peace and war against Britain’s native iron-age tribes

> Roman traders demonstrating early wax tablets and selling everything from jewellery to potions

> The Vikings are coming! You can join them in battle

> Chanz Des Reis, a 12th century historical re-enactment group covering civilian, military and religious life in the Middle Ages

> Have a go at archery as practised in Medieval times

> The Oxford Household and The English Free Company,  re-enactors from the bloody Wars of the Roses

> Rose and Thistle Civil War re-enactment group, recreating a dark period that divided communities and even families [2]

> Watch British Redcoats, the Queen’s Regiment 1714,  in their colourful manoeuvres

> Company K, telling Great Russian War stories

> Grunal Moneta the coin maker at work.

MK Museum’s History Festival runs from 11am-4.30pm on both days, with all the usual Museum attractions also on offer to make a very full day out.

Said Director Bill Griffiths: “The Festival is a fantastic event for all ages but now we can also say it is a taster of what is to come when our expansion is complete.

“This area has played a significant role throughout many eras of history and we are looking forward to telling those stories in really exciting ways.”

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Source URL: http://www.miltonkeynesmuseum.org.uk/history-festival/