Look at Life, 25th – 26th May 2019

by Jane Matthews | January 9, 2019 8:20 pm

follow our nature trail[1]

follow our nature trail

Go wild at the museum for our hugely popular Look at Life weekend.

Free attractions over the weekend are likely to include:

♣ fascinating microscope safaris – wildlife on a tiny scale

♣  displays and activities from visiting wildlife groups

♣  Nature-themed crafts – something for our young visitors to craft and take home

Come along and explore the parts of the Museum and ALL its life that you may not have seen before!

microscope picture: Mike Tron

  1. [Image]: http://www.miltonkeynesmuseum.org.uk/look-at-life/nature-trail/

Source URL: http://www.miltonkeynesmuseum.org.uk/look-at-life/