Organ Festival, 6th – 7th October 2018

Fairground Organ at Museum

Milton Keynes Museum comes alive with the sound of music!

Milton Keynes Museum will be transporting visitors to the days of fairground fun with the return of its popular Organ Festival this October.

Organs were the soundtrack of the fairground, and the music making machines are still a thrill for those who remember the charming machines from their youth.

Visitors will be able to hear the historic organs playing just as they used to while youngsters would have soaked up all the fun of the fair with its toffee apples, hoopla and thrilling rides.

And the Organ Festival is a fine opportunity to show visiting youngsters the magic to be found – and heard –  with the mechanical players.

Many of the exhibitors are travelling to take part in the sound-sational weekend. But each year one of the star attractions – Emmett’s marvellous fairground organ – comes from just up the road, where the Emmett’s family have been supporting MK for many decades.

From petite music boxes to fairground centre-of-attractions, the museum will be dancing to a decidedly different tune!

Some of the organs have been purpose built to continue the tradition, and their creators will be on hand to explain their handiwork.

The musical theme continues over in the museum farmhouse which will have its own display of chiming musical boxes.


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