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School Loans Service: Items Available for Loan

updated August 2018

We have themed boxes on different topics and a wide range of individual items.

If possible, please give two weeks’ notice of a loan. School Loans is a part-time volunteer-run service. We try to meet urgent requests but cannot guarantee it. If you let us know well in advance, we will reserve items for you.

Please note that all items are subject to availability

To keep costs low we cannot delivery or collect items. You will need to arrange transport.

Categories of items available for loan

Themed boxes


Individual items

Geology and Geography


Images on CD


List of themed boxes for loan

In some cases we have more than one box available (the number is shown in brackets e.g. ‘Romans (5)’ – five boxes available).   The contents of each box varies slightly.




Romans (5)



British Empire

Florence Nightingale

Victorian farming (3)

Victorian kitchen (6)

Laundry (5) (see note below)

Victorian schoolroom (3)

Victorian toys (8)

Victorian Toy Theatre


1930s (3)

WW2 (4)

1970s & 1980s


Clothing (2)


Lighting (4)

Lighting and Sound


Seaside (2)


Shopping (2)


Writing and communication

  • Laundry – these are not ‘boxes’ but consist of several items in a large wash tub. The wash tub is relatively bulky.

List of individual items for loan

Because of the number of available items, when requesting a loan please use the item reference (e.g. AB 123).

Most items are housed in a wooden box; size varies according to the particular object.


1 History

Early Civilisations
Roman Britain
Anglo-Saxon & Viking
Other Mediaeval
16th Century
18th Century
19th Century
20th Century
General history

2 Geology and Geography

Crafts from Overseas
Arts and Crafts

3 Industry/Transport

4 Biology/Zoology

Other Reptiles
Marine Creatures
Human Biology
(invertebrates & Insects)

4 Textiles

Historical Designs
William Morris
Modern Designs
Textured Woven Textiles



HD 220B       Prehistoric Boy                                                     Costume figure

HH 9               Old Stone Age Tools                                           4 specimens

HH 10            New Stone Age Tools                                          4 specimens

HH 628C       Late Bronze Age Sword                                      Cast

HH 684B       Iron Age Shield found at Battersea                   Cast

HM 560A       Iron Age Homestead                                            Model

HT 600A        Bronze Age Dug-out Canoe                               Model + slides

Early Civilisations

HH 273A       Ptolemaic Egyptian Bronze Cat                         Replica

HH 667          Greek Mounted Warrior                                       Replica

HM 551          Grecian Theatre                                                   Model

HM 122A       Greek Temple                                                       Model

HM 122B       Greek Temple                                                       Model

Roman Britain

HA 1               Roman Road – method of construction            Model + notes

HA 311A        Trebuchet                                                              Non-working model + notes

HM311M        Trebuchet (working model – not dimensionally accurate)
Working model

HD 223A       Roman Girl and Boy                                            Costume figure

HD 371B       Centurion and Legionary                                    Model

HM 16A         Hypocaust                                                             Model

HM584           Roman dining room                                             Model

HT 300F        Chariot                                                                   Model

The stuffed edible dormouse (glis glis) (ref: VC363) may also be relevant.

Anglo-Saxon & Viking

HD 221A       Anglo-Saxon Boy and Girl                                  Costume figure

HT 304A        Celtic Chariot                                                        Model

HT 565B        Viking Warship                                                     Model


HA 590          Norman ballista                                                    Model

HC 17            Domesday Book for Buckinghamshire             Photos + translation

HD 241B       Norman Boy and Girl                                           Costume figures

Other Mediaeval/Middle Ages (up to end of 15th Century)

HA 313A        12th Century Mangon                                          Model

HD 346          Man (c 1350)                                                         Costume figures

HD 347          Woman (c 1350)                                                   Costume figures

HD 240          13th Century Girl and Boy                                  Costume figures

HT 566A        Hansa Cog – 13th century Merchantman         Model

HH 3A            14th century Hounskull Helmet                         Replica

HH 675E       13th century Crusader Helmet                           Replica

HD 672          15th Century Boy                                                 Costume figure

HM 358A       15th century Timber Building: King’s Head Hotel, Aylesbury
(please note that this is a substantial model requiring two people to carry)

HM 601A       15th century Kiln for decorated floor tiles        Model + notes

HT 569           Ship (1492) “Santa Maria”                                  Model

HT 567B        15th century Merchantman, Mediterranean Carrack

16th Century

HD 604          Early 16th century boy                                        Costume figures

HD 605          Early 16th century girl                                         Costume figure

HD 177A       Elizabethan Boy                                                   Costume figure

HD 178          Elizabethan Girl                                                    Costume figure

HM 19C         Elizabethan Theatre                                            Model

HM 99B         Elizabethan Timber Framed House                  Model

HT 117C        Elizabethan Coach                                              Model

18th Century

HM 97A         Georgian House                                                   Model

HT 550B        Sedan Chair                                                          Model

HT 568A        Ship “HMS Victory”                                              Model

HT 681B        Hot Air Balloon (1793), Montgolfier Brothers – inventors
Model + notes

19th Century

HT 568A        Ship “HMS Victory”                                              Model

HT 651           Stage Wagon (c 1800)                                        Model

HT 563B        Royal Mail Coach (1820)                                    Model

HD 252          Girl and Boy (1825-1836)                                   Costume figures

HT 570           Shillibeer’s Horse-drawn Omnibus (1829)       Model

HD 281          Boy and Girl (1860)                                              Costume figures

HT 564C        Hansom Cab                                                         Model

20th Century

HD 275          Girl and Boy (1910)                                              Costume figures

HD 279          Girl and Boy (1949)                                              Costume figures

General history

HM 561A       Lockleys Villa, Hertfordshire                              Model

HM 584D       Dining Room of Lullingstone Villa, Kent           Model

HM 94A         Architectural Styles                                              Model

HT 14C          Merchant Ship                                                      Model

HT701            Farm Cart                                                              Model

HT702            Farm Cart                                                              Model

HT703            Farm Cart                                                              Model

—                    Maypole (full size)

Geology and Geography


GF 12             Carboniferous limestone fossils & minerals    32 specimens

GF 13             Quartz family of minerals                                    10 specimens

Rocks etc.

GF 678          Intro to Rocks                                                        20 specimens

GF 6               Metamorphic rocks                                               10 specimens + notes

GF 20             Igneous rocks (each about 2.5cm large)          20 specimens

GF 21             Sedimentary rocks                                               20 specimens + notes

GF 677          Rocks of Buckinghamshire

GF 679          Sedimentary rocks

GB 135          Volcano                                                                 3 models

GM 100          1820 Geological map of Buckinghamshire

Fossils (see also Dinosaurs)

GF 185          Introduction to fossils                                          13 specimens + notes

GF 676          Portland limestone fossils of Bucks                  12 specimens + notes

Crafts from Overseas

PA 454           Southern Mexican Bruserig Bark Doll

PA 460           Polish Paper Cut-out                                           Tree and 6 chickens

PM 666          Benin Crested Bronze Head of a Woman        Cast

Arts and Crafts

AS 688           Geological specimens for art


For more transport models refer to the appropriate era in the History section

PH 100          Domestic/office telephone from 1930s

PH 101          Domestic/office telephone from 1950s

PH 102          Domestic/office telephone from 1960s

HC 700A       Buckinghamshire Farming                                 Photographs

PA 437           Dutch Pastry Mould                                             Horse and carriage

PH 517          Wedgewood Plate, Manufacture – 2 pieces    15 samples + booklets

PH 4A            Cement Manufacture                                          11 samples + notes

PM 674          Yangtze Sampan                                                 Model

PM 582B       Blast Furnace                                                       Model + leaflets on smelting



Some specimens are preserved in formaldehyde;
health & safety instructions are included.


VC 38             Grey squirrel (Sciurus carlinensis)

VC 293          Mole (Talpa europaea)

VC 327          Hedgehog (Erinaceus europaeus)

VC 334          Red fox cub (Vulpes vulpes)

VC 342          Bat – Pipistrelle (Pipistrellus pipistrellus)

VC 349          Stoat (Mustela erminea)

VC 365          Badger (Meles meles)

VC 363          Edible dormouse (Glis glis) (2 available for loan)

VC 395          Weasel (Mustela nivalis)

VF 161           Skull of hare (Lepus europaeus)

VF 162           Skull of rabbit (Oryctolagus cuniculus)


GB 139          Mammoth

GB 144          Stegosaurus                                                         model

GB 145          Triceratops                                                            model

GB 591          Iguanodon                                                             model

GB 592          Ichthyosaur                                                           model

GB 653          Trachodon                                                             model

GF 2               Archaeopteryx                                                      model

GF 185          Introduction to fossils                                          13 specimens + notes

GF 676          Portland limestone fossils of Bucks                  12 specimens + notes

Other Reptiles

VB 51             Adder (Vipera beris)

VB 57             Newts

VB 228           Green Lizard (Lacerta viridis)
(not found in Britain, but other species are)

VB 264           Toad

VB 270           Frog, life history

VB 53             Skeleton of frog (complete)

VF 166           Skull of frog

VF 516           Skeleton of frog (disarticulated)


VA 84             Chick Development

VA 87             Goldcrest (Regulus regulus)

VA 249           Great tit (Parus major)

VA 274           Blue tit (Parus caeruleus)

VA 289           Long tailed tit (Aegithalus caudatus)

VA 298           Dunnock (Prunella modularis)

VA 332           Barn Owl (Tyto alba)

VF 615           Barn owl (dissection of pellet)

VA 336           Little owl (Athene noctua)

VA 535           Tawny owl (Strix aluco)

VA 335           Kestrel (Falco tinnunculus)

VA 644           Buzzard (Buteo buteo)

VA 343           Sparrow hawk (Accipiter nisus) (2 available for loan)

VA 345           Kingfisher (Alcedo atthis)

VA 351           Wood pigeon (Columba palumbus)

VF 172           Skull of pigeon

VA 364           Wren (Troglodytes troglodytes)

VA 367           Blackbird (Turdus merula)

VA 372           — empty box —

VA 481           Yellowhammer (Emberiza citrinella)

VA 510           Starling (Sturnis vulgaris)

VA 518           Carrion Crow (Corvus corone)

VA 519           Jay (Garrulus glandarius)

VA 579           Magpie (Pica pica)

VA 595           Moorhen (Gallinula chloropus)

VA 613           Robin (Erithacus rubecula)

VA 527           Chaffinch (Fringilla coelebs)

VA 616           Greenfinch (Fringilla chloris)

Marine Creatures (incl. fish)
For amphibians see Other reptiles

BB 255           Coral                                                                       – 6 specimens

IB 101            Feather star (Antedon bifida)

IB 173            Freshwater crayfish (Astacus fluviatilis)

IB 258            Crustacea

IB 269            Pond leach (Nephelis vulgaris)

IB 283            Acorn barnacle (Balanus sp)

IB 384            Starfish (Asterias rubens)

IB 484            Sea spider (Pycnoganum littorale)

IB 686            Sea urchin (Echinus esculentus)

IB 687            Sea mussel

IF 131            Insects of Ponds & streams

IF 224            Insects and molluscs of ponds and lakes

IF 626            Common seashells of the British Isles

IF 627            Common Land & Freshwater Molluscs of Buckinghamshire

36 specimens

VF 106           Sea horse (Hippocampus sp) (not native to British Coasts)


Minibeasts (Invertebrates & Insects)

IB 55              Common gnat (Culex pipiens) – barely visible

IB 190            Mayfly (Ephemera vulgate)

IB 194            Great diving beetle (Dysticus marginalis)

IB 227            Anemones

IB 259            Mollusca

IB 269            Pond leach

IB 599            Migratory locust (Locusta migratoria)                  Not found in UK

IF 17               Garden butterflies                                                13 species

IF 22               German Wasp (Vespula germanica)                    Life cycle

IF 56               Blowfly (Calliphora)                                                Life cycle

IF 58               Colorado Beetle (Leptinotarsa decemlineata)     Life cycle

IF 64               Destructive and beneficial insects                    29 species

IF 71               Butterflies of lanes & fields                                 19 species

IF 95               Butterflies of Heath and Hillside                        15 species

IF 114            British Butterflies                                                  30 species

IF 131            Insects of Ponds & streams                                13 species

IF 181            British Lepidoptera (Moths)                                56 species

IF 182            Insects and their allies                                        30 species

IF 184            Cabbage White Butterfly (Pieris brassicae)       Life cycle

IF 218            British ants, bees and wasps                             40 species

IF 224            Insects and molluscs of ponds and lakes        17 species

IF 272            Domestic wood-boring beetles                          6 species

(samples of damaged wood + photographs and leaflets)

IF 286            Marveille-du-Jour Butterfly (Griposia aprolina) showing camouflage

IF 288            Housefly (Musca demestica)

IF 359            British beetles (Coleoptera)                                30 species

IF 360            British butterflies                                                  20 species

IF 543            Scorpion (Isometrus sp)

IF 559            Snails of Chiltern downland                               10 species + notes

IF 626            Common seashells of the British Isles              37 species + notes

IF 627            Common Land & Freshwater Molluscs of Buckinghamshire

36 species

IF 663            Snails of Chiltern Woodland                              12 species + notes

IF 689            Garden insects                                                     15 species

Human Biology

VH 45             Ear (enlarged)                                                       – model

VH 47             Skeleton (miniature [75cm] on stand)               – model

VH 48             Skin                                                                        – model

VH 49             Human skull                                                          – model

VH 108          Human brain                                                         – model

VH 109          Torso (miniature, detachable parts)                  – model

VH 115          Teeth (birth – 12 years)                                        – model

VH 128          Human larynx                                                       – model

VH 147          Human heart/lungs

(detachable parts to show internal structure) – model

VH 148          Kidney (enlarged)                                                – model

VH 149          Heart (enlarged)                                                   – model

VH 151          Human foot                                                           – model


BB 330           Wheat – germination stages

BB 387           Lichens                                                                  5 species

BF 238           Seed dispersal                                                      20 species


In 3 yard lengths, with Rufflette tape and curtain rings for hanging

Historic Designs

Exact reproductions by Parker Textiles

T3                   ‘Guelder Rose’
Mid-19th century French multi-colour block print chintz.

T6                   ‘Provencal’
18th century French block print. Taken from a child’s bodice.

William Morris
Exact reproduction by Sandersons

T38                 ‘Golden Lily’
Green and brown floral pattern on linen.

T39                 ‘Eden’
Orange and blue on linen.

T40                 ‘Marigold’
Green and brown floral pattern on linen.

T51                 ‘Honeysuckle’
Red, pink and brown floral pattern on linen.

T55                 ‘Honeysuckle’
Gold, green and brown floral pattern on heavy linen.

Modern Designs

Hamdi el Attar

T9                   ‘Lariat’ – Heals
Large concentric circles in mauves and orange on a white ground.


T12                 5173 – 2
Floral design in blue.

Marimekko (Finland)

T47                 ‘Karuselli’
Abstract design in bright green, blue, yellow, red, mauve and black.             Print on cotton.

February Fabrics

T50                 ‘Water Lily’
Red, brown and fawn intertwined floral pattern. Linen.

T54                 ‘Anarkali’
White woven abstract pattern on natural colour cotton net.

T57                 ‘Daisy Walk’
Bright, multi-coloured landscape. Print on cotton.

Textured Woven Textiles

FC Moore

T15                 Dralon sheer, blue/green mixture.

T18                 Vinyon acrylic sheer, pink/purple mixture.

T21                 Dralon lace sheer, fawn.

T24                 Dralon, white loose woven.

T27                 Dralon pink and orange ‘lacework’.

T30                 Dralon yellow, orange and red.


T37                 ‘California’
Bright multi-coloured floral pattern on linen.

T42                 ‘Nagako’
White and strong reds, floral pattern.


These posters (about A2 size) are mostly from the Macmillan’ History Pictures series, produced for use in schools during the 1950s. They are fairly stylised but convey ideas that may be helpful, quite apart from illustrating education in the mid-20th century.

In some cases there are two copies of the same poster: these are marked (‘second copy Pxxx’ to assist with our cataloguing). Order these posters by the reference in the left-hand column.

Ancient World

P200   The seven wonders of the world – I

P201   The seven wonders of the world – II

P202   A Latin village in the time of Romulus and Remus

P203   Two famous British leaders – Caradoc and Boadicea

P204   Caerleon – a roman fort in South Wales

P205   A Roman fort

P206   The Picts attack Hadrian’s great wall



P002   Norman warriors, 11th Century

P004   The naming of St John the Baptist, 12th Century

P207   The naming of St John the Baptist, 12th Century

P208   A mediaeval baptism

P005   The investiture of a priest, 12th Century

P006   Three famous effigies, 12th Century: Henry II, Eleanor of Aquitaine, Richard I

P007   An English village in early Norman times

P009   A Norman castle, 12th Century

P011   Tournament 14th Century

P209   Knights jousting

P015   A hunting party at a monastery gate

P016   Pilgrims returning from Canterbury

P019   Ladies and their sons, 14th and 15th Centuries – two images for comparison

P020   Children playing hoodman blind

P025   Illuminations by scribes – A

P026   Illuminations by scribes – B

P027   Wayfarers

P214   Inside and outside a town gate 15th Century

P028   A “good pull-up” for wayfarers — looking surprisingly cheerful!

P223   Kitchen in an inn 15th Century

P029   John Ball preaching

P030   Spinning, carding and weaving in a lady’s bower

P031   Shooting with the long-bow 15th Century

P215   Cannon in use at a siege15th Century

P217   A sea fight 15th Century

P034   A market hall (second copy P218)

P036   A sea-fight

P038   Knights tilting

P223   Pages tilting at the quintain 15th Century

P039   The lady of the tournament delivering the prize (second copy P227)

P042   A bedroom scene

P043   A lady’s bower

P044   Ladies dining (second copy P219)

P045   Building for a lady 15th Century (second copy P213)

P220   The Betrothal15th Century

P046   Monks at their devotions

P047   The apple harvest

P222   The grape harvest 15th Century

P222   Haymaking 15th Century

P226   Peasants reporting for work 15th Century

P048   A gentleman travelling in a litter (second copy P228)

P049   Boats on an inland waterway (second copy P224)

P050   Earl Rivers presenting his book to King Edward IV (second copy P225)

P051   A miracle play (second copy P211)

P052   Shooting, fowling and fishing (second copy P212)

P053   Winter in the country (second copy P221)


16th Century (including Tudors)

P064   Reading the Great Bible – with note on the Great Bible

P066   May-day revels

P067   Busy cooks

P068   A play in an inn yard

P069 St Paul’s Cathedral, The Bear Garden and The Globe Theatre – shows St Paul’s before the Great Fire

P071   Queen Elizabeth’s coach

P073   An Elizabethan theatre

P074   A royal picnic

P076   Merry-making, Tudor times

P077   Village life, Tudor times

PX04 A Tudor Grammar School


17th Century

P078 Gentleman and attendants hawking, time of James I (would also be suitable for Tudor times)

P083   A fire-engine, late 17th Century

P084   Tetbury market place, built in 1655

P086   A shooting party, late 17th Century

P087   Poultry stalls

P088   A lace and book shop, late 17th Century

P089   A boot and shoe shop, late 17th Century

P090   A children’s playroom in a gentleman’s house, late 17th Century

P091   A small school, late 17th Century

P231   Explorers in an ‘Indian’ [native American] village


18th Century

P092   A charity-school (the children appear improbably well-fed!)

P093   The interior of a coffee house

P094   A barber and wigmaker’s shop

P095   The Taj Mahal

P096   The attack on Quebec, 1759

P097   A post chaise and a sedan chair, late 18th C – some ink splashes

P099   A goods waggon and a London mail-coach, late 18th Century

P100   Spinning, weaving and dyeing cloth

P104   A stage-coach and turnpike

P105   The aqueduct on the Bridgewater Canal at Barton, 1761

(related to P105: SP619 The waterways of Britain)

P106   The Montgolfiers’ hot-air balloon, 1783

P107   The pit-head of a coal mine (This poster is a bit tatty)

P108   (Construction of) A cast iron bridge over the Wear at Sunderland, 1796

P109   Rush bearing

P110 A turnspit in an inn kitchen, late 18th Century – shows the spit being driven by a dog

P111   Smugglers loading up the ponies


19th Century

P113   Hyde Park on a Sunday, 1804

P115   An early steam-carriage 1833

P118   Australian settlers receive news from home, 1852

P119   The “Lady of the Lamp” receiving wounded soldiers at the Hospital, 1854
(second copy P232)

P120   A promenade in The Pantiles, Tunbridge Wells, 1855

P121   Crowded houses of the industrial age – 1850

P122   A middle-class family at home – 1850s

P124   The relief of Lucknow 1857

P125   Opening the first underground railway 1863

P126   The ‘Great Eastern’ successfully lays the transatlantic cable 1866

P127   The Suez Canal opened 1869

P128   Country life in the seventies

P134   1897 Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee

P135   Horse-drawn vehicles in the heart of London 1889

P137   Famous people of Victorian times – 1

P138   Famous people of Victorian times – 2

P139   August bank holiday on Hampstead Heath 1900


20th Century

P136   Cycling becomes a craze

P140   The invention of wireless 1901

P141   The County of London’s first electric tram 1903

P143 1905 The cinema had come to stay (Two images – before the talkies and a more modern scene shoot)

P144   Bleriot flies the channel 1909

P145 1912 The Scott Antarctic Expedition – 3 images including the Party at the South Pole

P146   Changes in women’s dress 1912

P148   1914-18 A recruiting station in Trafalgar Square

P150 1914-18 Threshing wheat – more wheat is needed owning to the U-boat campaign

P151   Formation of Women’s Institutes – a busy centre in war time 1915

P152   The fateful sinking of the Lusitania 1915

P153   The battle of Jutland 1916

P160   Carrying out the law – a scene at the Old Bailey 1920

P161 Scouting comes of age: Lord Baden-Powell with the Prince of Wales (later King Edward VIII) at a jamboree, 1929

P162   Famous people at the turn of the 20th Century

P163   Famous people 1910-1930

P180   Famous people 1930-1955


P300   Geography – north temperate lands & hot deserts

P301   Geography – hot grasslands of tropics & hot wet forests of tropics

P302   Geography – rice fields in China

P303   Geography – palms

P304   Farmhouse cider in Devonshire

P305   Attending to cows

P306   Herrings – preparing for export

P307   Old Covent Garden market, London


P308   The wines of France

P309   Village in the Alps

P310   Conveying sardines to a cannery, Portugal

P311   Stripping cork oaks in Portugal
North America

P312   Harvesting on the prairies, Canada

P313   The lobstermen’s jetty, St Lawrence Seaway

P314   Drying codfish in Newfoundland


P315  The mud-made city of Kano, Nigeria

P316  Preparing mealies in East Africa

P317  Transporting palm oil fruit in West Africa

P318  Sudan cotton field

P319  A mail train at the Victoria Falls + a village school in Basutoland
[modern Lesotho]


P320  Tea planting

P321  Homes of rice growers in India

P322  A village sugar-mill in India

P323  An Indian peasant’s house

P324  Women of India

P325  Setting out rice-plants in Burma

P326  Elephants piling teak in Burma

P327  An eastern seaport

Middle East

P327  Crossing the Arabian desert


Musical Instruments

P400  Brass & percussion



Images on CD

Description                                                                                    Ref No.   CD No.


The Agrarian revolution (23 minutes)                                       F 698           51




British Costume                                                                            —                  53

Physical Geography                                                                    GS38           10

Tissue Paper Kite – Master                                                         —                  52


Early Civilisations

Life in Ancient Egypt                                                                   HS44            14

Tutankhamun                                                                               HS74            31

Greek Art                                                                                       HS45            15

Roman Britain

Bancroft Villa                                                                                HS93   45/46/47

Objects from Roman Britain                                                       HS56            20

Anglo Saxon and Vikings

Anglo-Saxon Art                                                                           HS24              3

Life in Anglo-Saxon England                                                     HS59            21

The Age of the Vikings                                                               HS60            22


The Bayeux Tapestry                                                                  HS91            44

Medieval ships and seafaring                                                    HS32              6

Medieval Transport                                                                      HS33              7

Medieval costume (c600 AD – 1500 AD)                                HS61            23


Heraldry and living traditions                                                     HS77            34


The Cooper                                                                                   S89              43

The Potter’s craft                                                                          S73              30

The Willow Basket Maker                                                           S88              42


Freshwater life                                                                             LS76            33

Nature Conservation in the British Isles                                   LS78            35

Marine biology                                                                              LS41            12


Animals of Africa                                                                          LS51            18

Colour in animals                                                                         LS79            36


British Butterflies                                                                          LS29         5/48

Butterflies and moths of Buckinghamshire                             LS65            24

Hive bee anatomy                                                                        LS26               4

Hive bee – life history                                                                  LS1                 1

Vertebrates – Amphibians

Life History of the Frog                                                                LS16               2

Vertebrates – Birds

Birds of Buckinghamshire                                                          LS49            16

Waterside birds of Buckinghamshire                                       LS50            17

Vertebrates – Mammals

Tracks and signs of commoner British mammals                   LS42            13

Mammals of Buckinghamshire                                                  LS75            32


Common poisonous plants and fungi                                      LS52            19

Trees in spring and summer                                                      LS84            41

Trees in winter                                                                              LS83            40


British Fungi                                                                                 LS66            25

Flowers and Plants

Spring flowering plants                                                               LS34               8

Summer flowering plants                                                           LS35               9

Wild flowers                                                                                                        50

Chalk downland plants – late summer                                     LS70            29

Chalk downland plants – spring and early summer               LS69            28

Hedgerow plants – spring and early summer                         LS67            26

Hedgerow plants – late summer                                               LS68            27

Maritime plants                                                                             LS39            11

Flowers of Buckinghamshire woodland                                   LS82            39

Water and waterside plants of Buckinghamshire                   LS80            37

Wild orchids of Buckinghamshire                                             LS81            38